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DST Buys ICQ For $187 Million – Did Zuckerberg Miss The Writing On The Wall?

SocialBeat’s Dean Takahashi reports that Digital Sky Technologies (DST) has agreed to pay AOL $187.5 million for ICQ, the largest instant messaging service in Russia, and a number of other markets.  According to Time Warner, ICQ has over 100 million … Continue reading

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Is Go Daddy Filing A Multi-Billion Dollar IPO?

The Go Daddy Group has been selling domain names and website hosting services for over ten years, with some very impressive growth metrics.  In 2008, Go Daddy’s 2,000+ employees managed over six million customers and 34 million domain names with … Continue reading

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How The Dodd Bill May Impact The Secondary Market

There has been a lot of debate over a section of the financial reform bill proposed by Senator Chris Dodd, (aka the Dodd Bill), which has a few provisions that could significantly impact angel investing, and ultimately the secondary markets … Continue reading

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“Facebook’s Vision Was To Become Infastructure For Identity On The Internet” – David Kirkpatrick

Check out David Kirkpatrick, author of “The Facebook Effect“, in a video interview by Kara Swisher of All Things Digital, describing Mark Zuckerberg’s vision from the start of Facebook, “which is to become infrastructure for identity on the Internet.”  He … Continue reading

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Zynga Weekly Growth Slows, Treasure Isle Still Golden

The last week has seen Zynga’s growth slow from last weeks torrid pace.  In total, Zynga MAU growth dropped to an annualized rate of 22% last week, from over 100% the prior week, the slowest growth rate since the week … Continue reading

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Should Zynga and LinkedIn Limit Their Employees From Selling Their Stock?

Last week Bloomberg reported that LinkedIn and Zynga may begin placing limits on employee sales of their company shares.  In fact, we’ve heard from investors that new Series A documents will begin implementing similar limitations from the start of their … Continue reading

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Demand Media Hires Goldman, Bolsters Board – IPO Coming?

Demand Media has been killing it for four years now. The snapshot from Alexa below show’s‘s inexorable rise from Alexa global ranking below 800 to an Alexa ranking of 144 over the last two years. In the U.S., ehow … Continue reading

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If this were 1999, certainly sounds like a company that should eventually be headed to the deadpool, but its 2010 and people are actually buying products online, and is selling a LOT of diapers. In fact, according to … Continue reading

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Why You Should Become A SecondShares Facebook Fan

There is an exploding marketplace for the shares of the privately held companies driving the social media revolution.  The shares of companies like Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn are trading tens of millions of dollars a month, and the volume … Continue reading

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Zynga’s A Treasure, MAU Growth Accelerates

We couldn’t be more pleased with the thousands of articles written around the globe in response to our Zynga report two weeks ago which estimated that Zynga would trade at a market cap of $5 billion if it were public.   … Continue reading

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