Facebook Stock Rises $4.5B In One Month On Secondary Market

Last Wednesday I wrote about some inconsistencies that I saw on ShareharesPost surrounding the LinkedIn valuation.  In that post I had mentioned their current valuation of Facebook at $11.96B, up from their June 2009 $4-6B valuation. Today in an email newsletter, SharesPost provided a new Facebook valuation of $13.41B.  That’s an amazing jump in valuation in just under a week.

However, over the last month we have heard of large transaction blocks of Facebook stock in the mid $40 share price.  When we published our research report valuing Facebook at $50B, the stock was trading between $34 and $38 per share, which gave Facebook a valuation of about $19B.

In today’s SharesPost email newsletter, there is a current bid to purchase 45,000 Facebook shares at $47.00 per share, which would put the current Facebook valuation about $23.5B on the secondary market.  That’s a $4.5B increase in valuation since our research report last month.


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    I’m doing a secondary research assignment on the facebook organisation, we have to identify the the history and the target markets of this vast organisation. I am wondering if you could give me advise on where to look and what to investigate.
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