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Facebook Stops Updating Application Stats

For some unknown reason, Facebook has stopped updating application statistics, which means we can’t give or weekly Facebook/Zynga update regarding what games and developers are gaining or losing Monthly Active Users.  While this is problematic for SecondShares, it must be … Continue reading

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The Most Popular People On Facebook Are….

Yet anther great new site recently launched recently called that highlights all the top Fan Pages in total, and by category (e.g. Actors, Athletes, Musicians…).  It’s great reviewing who’s Facebook  Fan Pages are hot ( Vin Diesel is the … Continue reading

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Lots of Obstacles Remain For Secondary Market

Listening to last weeks webinar by really highlighted all the obstacles that remain to the emergence of a vibrant  secondary market for private shares.  A market exists, and it’s growing nicely, as evidenced by the 20%+ monthly growth in … Continue reading

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Zynga and Facebook Announce Five Year Partnership

Zynga and Facebook announced a new five year agreement that will keep Zynga on the Facebook platform for the foreseeable future.  The deal comes on the heels of rampant speculation about Zynga abandoning the Facebook platform to avoid the 30% … Continue reading

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Zynga’s Losing Streak Continues

Zynga’s total Monthly Active Users (MAUs) declined last week for a third straight week, and the pace of MAU decline continued to accelerate, with a total decline of 5.9 million MAUs, or 2.4% of Zynga’s massive total user base, which … Continue reading

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User Loss Accelerates For Zynga

After losing 3.1mm Monthly Active Users (MAUs) across its vast Facebook gaming empire two week ago, Zynga’s MAU decline accelerated last week with the loss of 4.2mm more MAUs. While Treasure Isle continued its growth, the growth curve flattened significantly, … Continue reading

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Zynga and Facebook At War?

While Facebook and Zynga should be the best of friends, as their relationship has been massively mutually beneficial, business relationships are like marriages, unless each party is willing to give 70%, they don’t always work out.  In this case, Facebook … Continue reading

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Fred Wilson Supports Secondary Market For Private Company Stock Liquidity

Today Fred Wilson wrote about the nearly 1,000 point “Crash of 2:45PM” yesterday, and in his post he described the public markets as a fickle thing.  He went on to say: “I believe the secondary market where institutional private capital … Continue reading

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NY Tech Scene Is Heating Up

Last month, NY based early stage VC  Roger Ehrenberg wrote a compelling blog post about the steps the NYC Venture scene could take to increase its relevance.  While I agree with most of his comments, my experiences over the last … Continue reading

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Tough Week For Zynga Could Get Worse

While Zynga’s Treasure Isle continued its ascent last week, adding over 4.2mm Monthly Active Users (MAUs)  to pass 25mm total, and become the 4th biggest game on the Facebook platform (passing Mafia Wars and Petville) every other major Zynga title … Continue reading

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