Zynga and Facebook At War?

While Facebook and Zynga should be the best of friends, as their relationship has been massively mutually beneficial, business relationships are like marriages, unless each party is willing to give 70%, they don’t always work out.  In this case, Facebook has ratcheted down the different channels Zynga historically used to advertise freely to the Facebook audience, forcing Zynga to spend more on advertising.  Those moves, coupled with the introduction of Facebook Credits and its fat 30% fees (i.e. tax) on Zynga’s virtual good purchases, has forced Zynga to aggressively seek alternatives to the Facebook platform, including sites like its Farmville.com.  Now TechCrunch reports that the ill will is reaching a boiling point and Zynga’s CEO is telling his troops that a break with Facebook may be coming.  Before Zynga gets a divorce from Facebook, I suggest they seek counseling or try and mediate their differences as both parties have a lot to lose in a split.  We’ll keep you posted.

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