Trada Conference Call – February 22, 11am EST

Our enthusiasm for Google is predicated on two major pillars

1. It’s early in search – the market thinks its maturing

2. Google get’s social – the market thinks Facebook is social, but social is so much bigger then Facebook.

This morning at 11am EST, we are holding a conference call with former Yahoo honcho Tim Mayer, now Chief Strategy Officer of Trada  Tim will talk about how Trada could, in Wedbush’s forecast, bring more than $1 billion in incremental revenue to Google in a couple years that is not in any analyst model, helping prove pillar 1 above.

As the first social media analyst on the street, we will use an emerging social media tool that we love, To listen to me and Tim, you can dial 1-800-229-6159 However, to see Tim and his slides, please ALSO go to and register at least 10 minutes before the call.  Once you are registered, you can go to, and you’ll be able to see the slides in the presentation and you’ll see video of Tim as he walks thru the slides

This is the first time we are using this technology (SlideShare just launched it in beta last week), so you may need to mute the phone if there’s a time lag.  But Wedbush will continue to push the envelope in our usage of social media.  So buckle your seat belts and join us for tomorrow’s call.  It’ll be a unique experience.

Trada Call PDF Invite is attached

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