Pinterest in talks to raise funds at up to $2.5-billion valuation

February 05, 2013|By Jessica Guynn, Los Angeles Times

….Social media investor Lou Kerner says Pinterest has earned the high valuation. People across the country flock to Pinterest to pin images to virtual boards. Pinterest’s monthly unique user visits shot up to more than 28 million in December, up from 7.5 million a year earlier, according to research firm ComScore. Investors are counting on surging traffic to deliver big revenues down the line.

“Pinterest is rapidly emerging as another major social network, their niche being sharing ‘what I like,’” Kerner said. “Pinterest usage and engagement continue to grow at impressive rates. We’ve seen the other major social networks [Facebook and Twitter], both further along than Pinterest, grow to valuations of $68 billion and $9 billion, respectively. So at $2 billion or $2.5 billion, there is still lots of upside for investors.”

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As mudanças que Marissa Mayer já fez no Yahoo!

February 2, 2013 – Bárbara Ladeia  São Paulo Times

Especialista em empresas digitais, Lou Kerner, elogia as ações da CEO em sete meses de gestão, mas lembra que o mercado ainda espera produtos revolucionários

…Lou Kerner, americano especialista no mercado digital, fundador e gestor do The Social Internet Fund - fundo de investimentos em empresas mídias sociais e digitais, afirma que as ações recentes de Marissa têm cumprido o objetivo de “revigorar” o Yahoo!. Para ele, a mudança no site é mais uma parte deste processo de recuperação, que “será muito longo”. “Eles deverão continuar tentando novas tecnologias e, principalmente, novas abordagens para os serviços de internet.”

Uma das principais estratégias, segundo Kerner, deverá ser a simbiose do site com outras plataformas conectadas. “Eles precisam se concentrar no engajamento dos usuários, caso contrário, esse esforço não terá validade”, diz Kerner. Veja as mudanças que a gestão de Marissa Mayer trouxe para o Yahoo.

Usabilidade e mobilidade

Uma das metas da CEO do Yahoo! é transformar a empresa em uma líder do mercado de serviços para tecnologias móveis até 2015.

No entanto, Kerner afirma que Mayer ainda não mostrou nada de revolucionário nesse setor. “Todos os negócios de internet têm um ponto de atenção no mercado de tecnologias móveis e, por enquanto, Marissa não trouxe nada diferente do que o mercado já pratica”, diz.

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The Social Internet Conference Call Series – Internet Video at the Inflection Point?

Host:        Lou Kerner

When:      Tuesday, Feb. 5, 11am-12pm EST

Where:     Conference Call

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Please join us for a conference call featuring three thought leaders on the current state and future direction of Internet Video.

The world is experiencing the “video-ization” of the internet as publishers, brands and advertisers are actively swapping out black-and-white text with engaging, informative, and trackable videos and related video messaging, driving year-over-year growth in video advertising in 2012 approaching 50%, according to eMarketer.  In Google’s most recent earnings call, the company stated that Google’s top 100 global advertisers spent 50% more on YouTube in 2012 than the year before.  YouTube’s most watched video “Gangham Style” generated more than 1 billion video views, generating over $8 million in advertising.  On January 14th, Lexus’ live video stream from the North American International Auto Show drew over 100,000 viewers in Facebook’s newsfeed.  3G/4G connections are emerging as a powerful catalyst of mobile video growth, where leaders like Vevo are streaming more than 450 million music videos a month over mobile devices, representing year-over-year growth of more than 400%.    
Each of our speakers is looking at the online video landscape from a different perspective, and they are each awash in data about viewing habits, advertiser preferences, and publisher needs across geographies, demographics, and devices.   By looking at trends over time, each of our speakers will bring additional context to the dramatic transformation occurring in how video is presented, monetized, and consumed on the internet.  Each of our speakers will be presenting for 10-12 minutes, which will be followed by Q&A from the audience.

Speaker Bios 

Allen DeBevoise is the Chairman, CEO and Co-Founder of Machinima, Inc., the dominant video entertainment network for young males around the world. Machinima’s global network features original content, premium episodic series, fan-created gameplay videos, official content from game publishers, television networks and film studios, and over 20 original daily and weekly shows, all aimed at the coveted 13–34 year old male demographic. As the #1 entertainment network on YouTube, Machinima reaches over 262 million viewers monthly, and delivers over 2.6 billion video views a month, and growing.  Allen served on the board of directors of and True/Slant through their respective acquisitions, and currently serves on the board of He is also an active angel investor in several early stage technology and consumer internet companies.  Before Machinima, DeBevoise was President and CEO of TCI Interactive and co-founded Creative Planet, an online resource for film and television production professionals. DeBevoise was featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s “Digital Power List” and was recognized as one of Digital Media Wire’s “25 Executives to Watch.”

Dan Piech leads comScore’s video and social media measurement products and is responsible for ensuring that measurement insights support the growth and development of both the online video and social media industries. To this end, he guides comScore’s video and social products forward by harmonizing internal development efforts with external market dynamics. Dan has spoken at a variety of conferences and events, including keynoting at OMMA Global, the NAB Show, the Digiday:Video Upfront, and Streaming Media West, among others. In doing so, Dan enjoys sharing his unique insights and opinions about the online video and social media industries, as well as advice on how they can best be navigated, with rationales grounded in comScore’s trusted data.  Prior to joining comScore, Dan worked on the interactive strategy teams at McKinney and Success Communications Group and was a project manager at HG Media.  Dan holds degrees in economics and public policy and certificates in film and marketing from Duke University.

Adam Singolda is CEO and Founder of Taboola, the world’s leading content distribution and monetization platform, connecting people with content they love. Taboola serves over one billion video recommendations every day to an audience of more than 200 million monthly uniques.   As CEO, Adam oversees business strategy, execution and development while maintaining Taboola’s unique culture of quantification and innovation.  Prior to founding Taboola, Adam served as an officer in an elite mathematical unit of the Israeli National Security Agency.  Adam is an honored alum of the Israeli Defense Forces’ elite Mamram computer science training program, graduated first in his class at the Officers Academy of the IDF, and was recently named one of Israel’s top “30 under 30” business managers by TheMarker.  Adam authors a column for Mediapost on the video industry and is a regular speaker for Steaming Media, NAB, NewTeeVee, ELEVATE, Meetup, The Israel Conference, MIT (Sloan), Bloomberg West, and others.

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