In a comprehensive review of the VC transactions in Q1 2011, we identified each investment made in a company we classified as a Social Media focused company.

VC funding of Social Media companies rocketed to $2.18 billion in Q1, surpassing the $1.6 billion raised by Social Media companies for full-year 2010.  This surge was driven by the $1.5 billion financing round in Facebook by DST and Goldman Sachs in January.

Excluding the Facebook round, average deal size for the quarter was $8.1 million, down from $14.4 million in Q4, and in line with the 2010 average of $8.3 million. The two largest deals in Q4 2010 were the $183-million raise by LivingSocial and the $200-million raise by Twitter.  Excluding those two deals, average round size in Q4 2010 was $7.9 million.

Below is a list of the 10 largest Social Media investments in the first quarter, which totaled $1.79 billion. The 10 largest transactions equaled 82% of the total amount raised in the quarter.

Below we detail the data from Q1 2011.  If you have or know of a company that was left off the list please let us know by writing to us at We apologize ahead time for any misclassifications, and will be updating the data in future publications.

Once again, we look forward to hearing from the community to help us make the data as correct as possible. In addition, we look forward to hearing from the community with regards to future financings. While we acknowledge the data presented here may be imperfect, we believe it is directionally correct, and we feel it’s important to put a stake in the ground and highlight how rapidly the VC landscape is adjusting to the evolving Social Media landscape:

Source: Crunchbase, Wedbush Securities, Inc.