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Groupon Receives $344 Million in Founders Liquidity in Recent $950 Million Secondary Round

Earlier this month I wrote an article on Business Insider explaining how I believed Groupon may have used Google as its BATNA (best alternative to a negotiated agreement) to create more liquidity, and it appears they may have done just … Continue reading

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The Dot Com Bubble Is Back – Fred Wilson and John Doerr Discuss

With 10%+ unemployment, it’s hard for most American’s to imagine, but the dot com bubble is back again. According to many, we are seeing a bubble yet again surrounding internet companies at historic proportions in early stage and late stage … Continue reading

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Fred Wilson Supports Secondary Market For Private Company Stock Liquidity

Today Fred Wilson wrote about the nearly 1,000 point “Crash of 2:45PM” yesterday, and in his post he described the public markets as a fickle thing.  He went on to say: “I believe the secondary market where institutional private capital … Continue reading

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